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Coding Classes


It’s Never Too Early

to Start Learning

iCode After School is a fun and interactive coding program for kids. As children learn how to code, they also learn how to problem solve, think creatively and develop a deeper level of fluency with digital technology. 


Our multi-level curriculum is great for coders, as young as 1st grade, with no prior coding experience to middle schoolers with advanced programming experience. 

Our course for elementary age students is designed using Scratch. Scratch is an ideal language to get kids excited about coding and give them confidence they can do it. 


Students learn to think creatively, express themselves and incorporate their own authentic ideas and choices into coding projects

Problem Solving

Students learn to analyze systematically, break down big problems into smaller components and think logically


Students learn that persistence is key and, if they keep trying, they will find a solution to any problem


Students learn to work together to find solutions and to provide and accept feedback by sharing their projects with their peers



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