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Scratch Coding 101

Never heard of Scratch? We have you covered! Our coding course for elementary age students is designed using Scratch. Let’s dive into what Scratch is and how your kids will learn!

What is Scratch?

Scratch is a programming language that was developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT Media Lab. Kids utilize Scratch to share interactive media from stories to games and animation. The recommended age range for learning Scratch is between 8-16. It uses interactive elements to help kids learn the basics of coding and foster habits that will help them interact with others and solve problems.

Why Learn Scratch?

Coding can seem very complex at first. With so many languages and programs out there you might be wondering how your kids will be able to learn something like that. This is why we introduce Scratch to our most novice coders.

While coding with Scratch, kids will be learning mathematical and computational skills as they create fun projects. Scratch is designed to help kids learn these concepts in a manageable way that provides them with meaning as they are engaged in making something unique and fun. Your little coders will not only be learning how to code but also other skills such as thinking creativity, collaboration and communication. All of these skills are important, not only to code amazing programs, but also to become fabulous communicators and community members.

Examples of Scratch Projects

You might be curious about the types of projects that can be created with Scratch. Here are a few ideas that your kids can develop:

  • Games: Chase Game, Car Racing Games, Clicking Games

  • Animation: Create A Story, Animate Game Characters

  • Art: Painting on the Screen, Pattern Creation

Scratch Resources for Parents

We want you to be involved with your kids coding projects! Scratch can be easy, not only for your kids to learn, but for you to help them out and ask great questions to keep them engaged in learning.

We are excited for your little coders to get started and see what projects they create with Scratch!

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