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Digital Literacy for Kids

Digital literacy is one of those catchy trendy phrases that we hear a lot. What does it really mean and what does digital literacy for kids mean?

Digital literacy goes beyond technical know-how. Digital literacy is about skills and attitudes that allow children to be both safe and empowered in an increasingly digital world. Digitally literacy teaches kids to be safe while online. There are a lot of tools that help us navigate digital literacy but few of them are designed for kids.

Common Sense Education provides some of our favorite resources for educators on how to teach kids on how to be a responsible Digital Citizen and it has some great resources for families as well including:

We also love and utilize resources provided by Google and their program called Be Internet Awesome. It is designed for kids and shares how to be Internet:

  • smart – it’s all about communicating responsibly

  • alert – be able to identify scam

  • strong – create strong and secure passwords

  • kind – how to set an example for your internet community and take an action when things are not right

  • brave – how to be comfortable to discuss things that don’t look right with adults

They even have a great game Interland that helps kids develop and practice these skills.

What are your top tips for being a good digital citizen?

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