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Augmented vs Virtual Reality

We are sure you’ve heard of virtual reality (VR) and maybe even of augmented reality (AR) . But what do they mean and how can kids interact with this technology?

So what’s the difference?

Augmented reality integrates technology into the real world that you are physically in. Virtual reality has you step into a virtual world and interact within that space. For example, pointing your camera and seeing a virtual creature appear on the screen in your background is augmented reality. Putting on a headset and powering into a new world where you use controllers to hold things and move around in a different world is virtual reality. Watch this video for another breakdown if you want more info on the breakdown between the two!

AR & VR in the home

You might automatically think that it is out of the budget to use VR or AR at home, but it is possible to interact with it at home! There are plenty of consoles you can buy to play VR games such as the PlayStation VR or Oculus Go. But those can get pretty expensive quickly! So lets talk more about how to interact with this technology.

  • Google Cardboard: An affordable way to experience virtual reality with your phone

  • Wonderscope: An iOS app that will transform your child's environment with augmented reality

  • Nintendo Switch VR Kit: If you have a switch, here is a way to upgrade your console to learn while exploring virtual reality.

  • Seekxr Education: This platform uses augmented reality to help kids learn and visualize with technology - and its monthly individual plan is really affordable!

Pros & Cons

Using virtual and augmented reality gives your kids the chance to expand their creativity through technology and also explore somewhere new (especially during a time when travel is limited!). Kids will be able to challenge their mind as they solve problems and puzzles as well as learn how to utilize augmented reality in everyday life.

As with all technology, its important to limit the amount of time your kids spend on it! Too much time staring at a screen can cause eye strain and they might not be getting enough time outdoors running around. If they are using virtual reality, make sure the space they are using is safe and that they can’t trip or fall over things. We recommend supervising virtual reality time as well.

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