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Artificial Intelligence For Kids?

What is AI

Artificial intelligence isn’t just a word that is thrown around in sci-fi movies or discussed on the news. It’s a branch of computer science that uses machine learning to create a change in various points of life. What this means is that tasks that once heavily relied on people to make something work, can be done with machines in a unique way.

Check out this video for a quick breakdown!

AI Impact on Society

As AI capabilities continue to grow, these systems are becoming capable of not only performing tasks that humans once did but also performing tasks that are quite complex or are even beyond the limits of what we as people can currently do. Technology will soon inhabit and exist within objects that never used technology. For example, homes are becoming smarter with the addition of technology like Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Home. People are no longer having to get up and turn off a light or go see a thermometer to check the temperature. People can simply say a phrase from their couch or bed and things are done for them.

This video by gives a few more ways AI impacts society.

AI At Home

We teach Scratch to our most novice coders and there is an AI game that kids can build from scratch! Follow this link to have your kids try it out:


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