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Adventures in Tech: Books for Kids!

Learning to code doesn’t just take place can also take place offline! We wanted to bring you a few more resources about technology that also encourage your little coders love for reading!


Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding

Ruby is a small girl with a huge imagination! Join her on her adventure around the world making friends and learning the fundamentals of computational thinking. Through this half picture book and half activity book, your kids will be able to work through exercises and activities!

How to Code a Sandcastle

Pearl has been trying to make a sandcastle all summer but things keep getting in the way! She decides to use code to solve her summer sandcastle problem. Join Pearl and her robot friend Pascal on their journey to make the best sandcastle ever!

Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code

Grace Hopper, the queen of computer code, brought so much to light about computers. Through curiosity and the drive to find success, Grace Hopper is a role model for all! The book will inspire your curious kids through her accomplishments.

Peter and Pablo the Printer

What if you could print anything you wanted? When Peter received a 3D printer for his birthday, his whole world changed! Join Peter as he makes new friends and learns about the power of imagination.

Books help your kids push their imagination and explore a world of possibility. We hope you enjoy our selection and recommend us any book that you've enjoyed as well!

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