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Coding Class Curriculum

coding curriculum
grades 1-5

Our course for elementary age students is designed using Scratch. Scratch is an ideal language to get kids excited about coding, give them confidence they can do it and learn the logic of coding. No boring lectures - only hands-on classes! By the end of the course, your young coder will be able to share a library of games they designed and coded. 

Once you purchase the curriculum, you will received an email with a link to curriculum and our videos. If you have any questions or would like to see a sample class please contact us directly 


All sales are final.


  • Hands-on projects

  • Complete curriculum with lesson plans, homework assignments and videos for each Scratch project

  • Can be used for in person or virtual learning


  • Core coding concepts, mathematical and computational ideas 

  • Process of designing a game

  • 21st century skills like problem solving, persistence, creativity, teamwork

What's included?

Each curriculum set comes with:

  • 10 lessons 

  • Video for each class guiding you through the Scratch project

  • Student Workbook 


  • Home school groups

  • Girl Scout/Boy Scout troops

  • Church youth groups

  • Kid's summer camp

  • After school programs

coding tips, discounts & more!

  • Game Design in Scratch - Level 1
    Game Design in Scratch - Level 1
    Coders will learn basic coding skills and game design processes by making animations and games in Scratch.
  • Game Design in Scratch - Level 2
    Game Design in Scratch - Level 2
    Coders will take their basic coding skills to the next level with our Game Design in Scratch course
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