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To provide tools for kids of all ages to express themselves creatively, learn to problem solve and think logically and inspire them to discover and innovate.

Our goal is to enable children through digital literacy so that they are empowered to create a better future for themselves and the world.

Building a Robot

Online Classes

iCode After School provides highly engaging, structured classes that will allow your young coders to build a library of games they designed and a confidence that they can take on the world! All levels are welcome: from coders as young as 7-years old to middle schoolers with advanced programming skills.


We offer a small group online classes for kids with and personalized approach to help your child learn at their own pace.


Classes are hands-on and fun: we are not here to lecture, we are here to design, create and build!

Our multi-level curriculum is great for coders, as young as 7 years old, with no prior coding experience to middle schoolers with advanced programming experience. 

Our course for elementary age students is designed using Scratch. Scratch is an ideal language to get kids excited about coding, give them confidence they can do it and learn the logic of coding.


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Lesya merena

Entrepreneur and a proud mom to her two-year old daughter. Lesya holds a bachelor of science in finance from DePaul University. Lesya has left her career in finance in 2014 to start her first company and has been in education industry ever since.


Olga Davis

Olga holds a bachelor of science in business administration and an MBA. She is also a CFP®  professional. She has been volunteering with children for  years before she decided to leave her career in finance to working with kids full time via the company she co-founded with Lesya. 


Vincent Kust

Vincent is an IT professional with over 10 years of experience in all stages of software product development and operations for financial institutions and technology companies. He holds an Executive MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

Computer Board


Our online classes for kids are available for anybody to sign up and enjoy it at the convenience of your own home.

Our after-school classes can be easily brought to your school -

email us and we will do the rest:

- We will provide more information about curriculum and pricing

- Arrange a phone call or an in-person meeting to go over the details

- Provide digital and hard copies of marketing materials and flyers

- Handle the registration and communication with parents 

Provide a roster 

Learning through play

“Nowadays, it's more important than ever to provide kids with educational after-school activities.  My son enjoyed the class and learned a lot.”​ 


-- Parent of Eiden


"Great program where kids get to develop their creativity and problem solving skills.


-- Parent of Olivia 


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